About our research referring to Agriculture and Livestock Industry

We have a lot of experiences with the following types of research.

<Study Subjects>

U&A Study on Agrichemicals, Purchase Behavior Study on Agrichemicals, Campaign Effectiveness Measurement Survey, New Product Concept Test, Naming Test, Packaging Test, Study on Farm Business Management, etc.

<Products and Services>

Agrichemicals (Pest Control, Insecticides, Weed & Grass Killer, etc.), Chemical Fertilizers, etc.

<Target Respondents : Farmers & Businesses>

Rice Farmers, Vegetable Farmers, Fruit Producers, Tea Farmers, Flower Producers, Livestock Producers, Local Agriculture & Forestry Offices, Retailers, Vets, Golf Courses, etc.
– We have a lot of farmer panels for our surveys in major production areas of several crops throughout the country.


Both Qualitative and Quantitative
Personal interview/One-on-one, CATI, Telephone recruitment + Mail survey, Focus group, etc.

<Survey Areas>

Whole Japan