Quality Control Policy

We believe that the research projects we undertake are used for important decision making by our client companies/institutions. We therefore see it as an extremely important duty for us to ensure the reliability and validity of our surveys. We give special consideration to quality control in order to put this belief into action.

Designing of Research

  • We design research that maximizes the reliability and validity of the survey.
  • We select and propose the best survey method and sampling method for maintaining the representativeness of the sample.

Field Control

  • We carry out the necessary procedure strictly and with no exceptions, in order to ensure sample representativeness. (Implementation of random sampling/Quota control/Control of interviewing day and time/etc.)
  • Our interviewers for in-home personal interviews are required to attend an interviewer briefing before going out for fieldwork and to come back our office to undergo a check on the first few completed interviews.
  • Our telephone interviews are entirely conducted from the central telephone interviewing facility. Telephone interviewing from interviewers’ homes is basically not accepted