Features and Services of I.I.C. Japan

  • Business on an independent basis – I.I.C. Japan doesn’t belong to any other company or affiliated company network.
  • Provide full service from research design through fieldwork, analysis and presentation of results.
  • Staff who are well-experienced and familiar with various areas/industries.
  • 100% ad-hoc research.
  • 65% consumer surveys and 35% business-to-business surveys. (based on number of projects)
  • 90% quantitative and 10% qualitative (based on number of projects)
  • Internationally-oriented business.
    • Offering service in English if required.
    • Offering service both for domestic and foreign customer’s needs.
    • Coordination for fieldwork outside Japan is available.
  • Research under high-standard Quality Control Policy.
  • Provide research design based on the importance of sample representativeness. Provide strong field control.

Research Design and Questionnaire Development

We know well about Japanese consumers, Japanese people and Japanese market. Thus we can help you on designing research to be conducted in Japan and also can help on developing questionnaire.

Fieldwork in Japanimage013

We can cover any place of Japan using a variety of methodologies and through our affiliate local network.