image009I.I.C. Japan, Inc. is a professional marketing research agency offering full service, from planning of research to analysis of research results and reporting. We help our customers to reach solution for various marketing subjects. Especially for customers of outside Japan, we help on data-collection/fieldwork in Japan with most suitable and effective methodology.

I.I.C. Japan, Inc. was established in 1992 as an independent marketing research company, with members who have been serving together for multinational clients both in Japan and overseas for more than 20 years.

I.I.C. stands for International Information Center. We named it because we would like to contribute to human society in minimizing understanding/communication gaps among various sub-cultures by means of marketing and opinion research.

I.I.C. Japan, Inc. is highly experienced in all types of consumer research required in the process of new market entry, new product development, and follow-up studies, such as basic U&A studies, segmentation, concept, product testing, packaging, naming, price sensitivity, copy test and campaign effectiveness, etc. Particularly, I.I.C. Japan, Inc. is well-experienced and knowledgeable in Sales Volume Forecasting System (i.e. Simulated Test Marketing) and implementing fieldwork for STM.
In addition to these, we also provide:

Qualitative exploration with various new qualitative techniques.

Quality of information is the key for I.I.C. Japan, Inc. with standardized operational procedures and exclusively trained and experienced interviewers, supervisors, and analysts all working together as one team.

CATI, personal interviewing on a door-to-door basis, web survey and at central locations, mail surveys, groups and in-depth are all available.

Co-ordination, research activities with client headquarters and their local partner or joint-venture company is also a growing function

We have well-experienced staff with various areas and can offers you most appropriate research design solution both for consumer research and business-to-business research.

If you have a specific marketing subject, please contact us.